You do not need to contact us by phone.

It will not assist your application in any way.
Your form remains on our files unless advised by you that you no longer wish to be on our list.
 You will be contacted if and when a dog becomes available and you are matched as a potential adoption. We will occasionally email you to update your application form details. 

  • be atleast 25 years of age
  • children of the household must be atleast 8 years or older
  • stay at home, retired, or only do part time work
  • provide full access to inside and outside of your home
  • have secure fencing
  • provide indoor sleeping arrangements
  • be financially able to support a rescue dogs needs, not limited to ongoing vet care and dietay requirments
  • be prepared to sign an adoption contract (available on request)
  • pay an adoption fee of upto $600  (dog specific)
  By submitting this form once completed
  • I hereby register my interest in adopting a rescue dog through Westie Rescue Tasmania. 
  • I understand that there are NO GUARRANTEES.
  • If selected  I will be required to undertake a full interview and home check before being offered an adoption.  
  • If I reach selection stage, I understand that I must meet all criteria before approval.  
  • I will make myself available for a meet and greet with the potential adoptee  
  • All adoptions are then subject to additional conditions which will be provided at that time, and subject to my agreement. 
  • Contact does not constitute an agreement being entered into
  • I understand I will only be contacted in the event that a dog comes through the rescue group and is available for adoption/foster.  
* indicates required
address where dog will be homed
ie: breed, number of, medical requirements and anything else you feel relevant
please describe indoor access and sleeping arrangements for the dog
ie adults/ children and ages
If you go on holidays what arrangements do you make for your pets
Veterinary Care, including vaccinations, flea treatments, grooming, council and microchipping and adoption fees. Also special dietary requirements
a dog may require a special diet..are you prepared to and able to commit to providing a specific diet.
How often can you and will you provide exercise and socialisation - please describe
please tell us circumstances that led to you having to surrender an animal.
This is rare. Sometimes dogs are surrendered that cannot be seperated.
please advise your preference to sex and age of a dog.
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