Would you like to experience how to take control of your life and just feel better?

Would you like to re-ignite the spark and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, your work and your life in general?

Then join me and 400 individuals in a 7 DAY Challenge at #HH4Life Facebook Group

On 3rd of September, we kickstart a #HH4Life_7DayChallenge whereby each day we will be waking up by nourishing our body for 7 days. So, instead of deprivation and alienation join me for 7 days of nourishing wellness! The challenge kicks off September 3rd and if you stick with the challenge until the end, one lucky winner will receive a Yiayia's Box with 5 Greek products.  

To take part in the challenge, you should sign up here and also join my Facebook group #HH4Life

In the meantime, if you would like to get more tips from me, subscribe to my YouTube channel

  • Local Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Local Honey from Nafpaktia Highlands
  • 5-Piece Pasteli (sesame seeds and honey)
  • Greek Mountain Tea
  • Greek Yogurt
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